General Nautical Links

The Sailboat Cruiser

Making Your Own Lures

Handline Fishing

Savvy Salts Videos


Marine Radio Fax Broadcast Schedules

Noaa Weather Fax Charts

Crew Over Board Procedures

Mariner’s Weather Handbook by Steve and Linda Dashew

Surviving the Storm  by Steve and Linda Dashew

Practical Seamanship  by Steve and Linda Dashew

Offshore Cruising Encyclopaedia  by Steve and Linda Dashew

Weather Charts by E-mail from NOAA

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Lin and Larry Pardey – Great cruising advice and yarns from some of the best!

Maryland  School  of  Sailing 

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SinglehandedTipsThirdEdition – It doesn’t get better than this!

MarineHowTo – the web’s best source for marine electrical and other how-to info. – Miscellaneous Nautical Tips

Free Online Navigation Course – The old fashioned way

Docking Techniques – Step by step how to.  Verbal instruction and powerpoint.

Navigation Rules Practice Test  – Test your knowledge in the safety of your home.

Ultrasonic Antifouling – Has anyone tried this?  Looks interesting.

Adjusting Your Rig – The basics of tuning your rig.

Selden-rig tuning manual

Chameleon – Two dinghies are better than one.    Contact:

Marinco Boater’s Guide to Electrical Systems

The 101 Series – Lots of Good Information from the Catalina 34 Website

Marinco Boater’s Guide to AC

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Sea Anchor Sizing

Sea Anchor Sizing


Jordan Series Drogue

JordanSeriesDrogue PDF

Series Drogue Construction PDF

Animated Boating Knots