Hinckley 38, Yankee 38, Catalina 38 and …

This is a section about boats that are similar to the Hughes 38.  They were all designed about the same time, mostly by S&S, and have similar specifications.

Originally i had the Hinckley 38 as a sister of the Hughes 38 website because of this chart from Sailboatdata.com which states that the Hinckley 38 is based on S&S design #1903.

Hinckley 38

Hinckley 38

HOWEVER, the S&S website states that the Hinckley 38 was based upon S&S #1965, so until the confusion is cleared up, i am forced to remove the Hinckley 38 from the rest of the website.  i have no idea where the idea came from that the Hughes 38 and the Hinckley 38 hulls were identical, but i have to rely on the S&S website as the authority on this matter until further evidence turns up.




Also notice that for the Hinckley 38 the beam is wider, by 4″ the overall length shorter by 5″ and the waterline length longer by 6″ than the Hughes 38. This cannot be the same design.  The rig for the Hinckley is different as well.  The I of the Hinckley is 19″ longer, the J is 7″ longer, the P is 10″ longer and the E is 5″ longer than that of the Hughes.

Its a different design, although it is entirely possible that Hughes indeed did produce the hulls for Hinckley and it is also probable that design #1903 was the basis for design #1965.

Yankee 38



Catalina 38