Hughes 38 Racing

Congratulations to Walter Pelley and Crew aboard SV Avatar –

First Place in Race the Cape 2016

Walter Pelley and Crew of SV Avatar

PHRF Ratings

From US Sailing Website (

______________________Lowest      Highest      Average

Hughes 38 TM               120             144              135

Hughes 38 MKI             144             156              147

Hughes 38 MKII            147             147             147

Hughes 38 M                  120             120             120


From Sail Nova Scotia PHRF Handicap System

SV Galatea V LaHave River Yacht Club           174

SV Avatar   Northern Yacht Club                      180

SV Kiskadee  Shearwater Yacht Club               180

Noted Hughes 38 Race Boats

SV Which of Atlas

SV Witch of Atlas captured the “Root Trophy” in the Long Island Sound and Chesapeake Bay circuits.  Now owned and being restored by Bob Bolderson.

SV Escales won the Edlu (1st in class) and other prizes in the cruising club of the Chesapeake races.

* Avatar